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  4 seconds. . .

4 seconds is what it takes for a good sprinter to run 40 meters.

According to Bloomberg research, it's also what it normally takes for the stock market to react to new market-moving information.
Get a flying start

With FLASH AlphaView, we bring the unparalleled performance of our FLASH AlphaStream feed to the trading table, in a clear and readable format.

Using one of our terminal products, you can get an early warning, a split second after the information is published. Our advanced back-end systems makes sure that you don't get a lot of "false alarms".

But when it really matters, you can be the first out of the starting blocks.
  FLASH AlphaView

Built on the same sophisticated text analytics and language processing technology as FLASH AlphaStream

Good hit-rate on market moving information

Shows the information in a user-friendly, easy to read, format

Lets you react before the crowd

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